Create Your Own Team or Roster

Big, Big, Big News!! You can create your own team program!

Summer League's purpose is to create fun, competitive, clean lacrosse. With that we believe that many people want to play with their friends on the same team or build your own team. So this summer we are opening up the opportunity for players to do both. The options are create a team or create a roster or just sign up individually.  

Option 1
Play with friends (more than two or less than 20), you must have each player registered individually prior to submitting your roster. Then fill out the online form with a representative for that roster, and those that you want to play with. We will place those rosters with other players to create a full team. Deadline June 10th!

Option 2
Create your own team. To create your own team you must have each player registered individually prior to submitting your team roster. Then fill out the online form with a representative for that roster that will be the team's captain, and a list of those that will be on your team. Your team must be a minimum of 20 players, including a goalie, and the captain will be responsible for all team communication. Summer League will provide your game shirts. Deadline May 28th!

Option 3
Just sign up. Sign up individually by registering and we will place you on a team. Deadline June 10th!

In the event we have an overly dominant team the Yeti Lax Club will discuss with the captain how to make changes to make it fair for the league. Since this is new, and we are building this league to promote men's lacrosse we always welcome feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brandon via email or phone 208-412-6588.

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