Summer League

We have an all new concept for Summer League with a focus on several things.  This summer our focus will be on clean play and having fun, while creating some good competition! Here is what we have planned for this upcoming season with a few changes: 

  • Two referees per game, managed by Nate McIntyre, we want clean play and by the rules. Cheap shots, and excessive hits will not be tolerated.
  • Second is improving attendance, so if we make it fun and clean, then people will show up. This also means getting to know other guys, by having social events after the games.
  • Third, we will have captains for each team led by Shawn Carmen (successful captain of the last two championship teams) leading other captains on how to communicate and manage a team so that teams have great attendance.
  • Fourth, we like watching lax as much as playing, so we will be video recording each game, along with photos on our own Yeti Lax Club YouTube Channel and Facebook Group.
  • Finally, we will have an initiative to bring incoming and outgoing high school seniors into the game with our Yeti Ambassador Adam Smith making sure they are introduced to their teammates, and answer any questions they have.

This summer schedule will have two games a week on Tuesday and Thursday starting June 19 through August 9th for a total of 14 season games with a break during the week of July 4th playing sticks in only. Kick off night June 19th we will be having burgers and hot dogs after the games to start the season off right!

Games will be held at 6:20pm and 7:30pm.

Cost for the season is $99, and includes a team pinnie with your team's logo.

Let's make this summer fun by enjoying the game on the field!

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